What Is UX Design?

A short guide to the art of User Experience Design

Meet Joe:

Joe is in online marketing.


His job is to manage the company website and try to get people to sign up for an offer.

He works hard creating content and landing pages...but hardly any people register.

Here’s an example landing page he created:


This page is so boring and too confusing. A confused user leads to a frustrated user. And frustrated users don’t sign up or come back.

But then Joe discovers the world of User Experience Design.

He starts passionately studying how to design great looking websites that are easy to navigate. He learns how people think and remember information. He learns how to create a more engaging design and what motivates people to take action.


UX Design is about:

Understand your users and give them something valuable….not just “selfishly asking” for stuff.

Getting people to WANT to engage with you….not overloading them with useless offers.

Getting them to WANT to buy more….not out of pressure, but because they enjoy your content and help.

Now that Joe knows this, he went back and re-designed the web page:


Now Joe has a great looking website that is easy to use, navigate, and understand, focused on the end user.

The website provides a positive user experience and ranks higher in Google's search engine, resulting in way more people to visit the site and respond!

Sales went up dramatically…..and the only thing Joe changed was the design.

And that my friend is the power of UX Design!

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