I'm a self-taught web developer who enjoys creating an awesome user experience for Web and Mobile. I help companies around the world build websites that are simple, beautiful and easy to use.

I read, watch, and listen to everything related to web development and user experience. I create websites with a valuable experience that people can’t wait to, tweet or tell others about you.

:: I've spent over 10 years developing web applications for some of the world’s smartest companies. I'm passionate about creating awesome web experiences that look and function beautifully on the never-ending stream of connected devices.

:: I got into web design in 1996 when I needed a cool new way to share photos of my family and me when living abroad for four years in Istanbul.

:: My background is in marketing communication, but Web development quickly became my clear career path, and along the way I broadened my interests to User Experience design.

I’ve developed websites for several companies and organizations. I also received an award for my design skills creating "Best Logistic Services Website" from Capgemini. A recent User Experience Report featured my work on news website Dutch Daily News for positive “Responsive Web Design” compared to Time News and The Boston Globe.


I'm an advocate of web standards and best web practices. I develop responsive web design, optimized for most devices and operation systems. I write in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. As new web technologies continue to evolve, I am excited to learn and explore the possibilities.

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